Reach your audience and Increase your online presence

Social media is a great way to grow your business by connecting with existing clients, future clients and peers. Social media marketing leverages the power of the crowd to make your message and brand spread without paid promotion. ZDigital tools make it easy for you to manage multiple social media platforms at once from one place. You can quickly and easily respond to messages, reviews, mentions and comments from all your social networks from your ZDigital dashboard.

  • Monitor posts from all key social media sites

  • Effortlessly compose and post to multiple social platforms

  • Easily respond to posts from multiple sites from a single location

  • Find new customers through social media

  • Ideas for content to post

  • Track growth through analytics



Reach Your Prospects Where They Are.

With our social media tools, you can post to Facebook, Instagram, Google Posts, LinkedIn and Twitter - all from one place. Build followers by responding to reviews and comment on posts and mentions that you get on social media – and with this, you can do that all right here. Our post composing tool has a scheduling feature that allows you to create and schedule posts in advance.

  • Schedule messages on all your social networks with our calendar feature

  • Get alerted of all mentions and online reviews

  • Be part of the online conversation

  • Discover great content ideas



Participate In the Online Conversations About Your Business.


Our social monitoring platform pulls all of your online mentions, comments and posts into one dashboard so you can easily see everything being said about you online. How great would it be to know every time you get a new review or when you’re mentioned in a Facebook or Instagram post? With this system you will!

  • Be a part of the online conversation

  • Build followers and expand your audience

  • Save time and get better results

  • Interact with your prospects



You Can Track Your Progress Through Analytics.
Get Deep Insights To Your Results And Progress.

Stop bouncing between platforms - now get an instant overview of all your key stats from one dashboard. Analyze all your social media efforts and instantly see what’s working by accessing keys trends across major social sites. It’s never been easier to get a clear picture of your stats and what they mean. Track and analyze your social media results in one unified solution.

  • Easily measure your success

  • Easy to use Social Media Analytics

  • Instant overview of all social media results and key metrics